Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet Mateo Nicolas

Meet Mateo Nicolas. He was born almost a year ago on November 17 weighing 7lbs 4 oz.

Unlike with his Ate (Big Sister), my labor was  fast (active labor was only over 2 hours). My EDD was supposed to be on November 27. We only stayed in the hospital for a day but it felt like we were there for weeks. You see S was in and out of the ER for fever, diarrhea and dehydration since November 12 and was finally admitted last November 15.

November 16 (Tuesday):

1:30 PM: I texted my OB and asked if by any chance he is having clinic that day (it was a holiday). I've been stressed out (emotionally and physically) since last Friday and I was afraid that it will have an effect on the baby. After an IE, he said my cervix is already soft but I'm not yet dilated. I asked him jokingly if I'll give birth tom. He said not yet since the baby is still "mataas" but definitely within the week I will.

My mom, who's taking care of my daughter during night shift (I dont stay in the hospital at night since I cannot take proper rest because of the residents and nurses monitoring my daughter round the clock) pleaded I shouldn't give birth yet. My lola was scheduled to have a liver procedure done on November 17 and my mom is supposed to monitor and coordinate with her doctor.

8:30 PM: We arrived at our condo. I was super tired so I decided to skip dinner. Decided to load some of the dirty laundry (our maid was staying with my mom in hospital so all household chores were neglected). I finally slept at 1130.

November 17 (Wednesday):

2:00 AM: I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Since we were scheduled to leave the condo at 530AM (our car was banned that day so we had to be out of the house early to get to the hospital before 7am), I decided to take a bath early, hoping this will help me go back to sleep. I even blow dried my hair and put on makeup and ate a handful of M&Ms. Hey I didn't have any dinner. Lol!

3:30 AM: I was still up when I felt that a sudden gush down there. Never had that when I gave birth with S so I thought it was a case of pregnancy incontinence. When I went to the bathroom, I saw that there was blood on my underwear. I woke up my husband and calmly told him he should wake up now and have his coffee cause we will leave earlier than scheduled. I wasn't even having contractions that I was even able to pack up our clothes and even had a pan de sal.

5:30 AM: We went straight to the DR & an IE confirmed that I was already 1-2cm dilated. the baby was still high. They didn't let me leave the DR anymore and was instructed to change into a hospital gown. Still no contraction pains

7:00 AM: The contraction pains started coming in but still it was tolerable. I was only 3-4 cm dilated by this time. My husband was on the phone with my OB. He was out in a meeting in Marikina and was scheduled to be there at the hospital before noon. He said that based on the inputs from his residents, the progression of my dilation wasn't that fast and I might give birth birth in the LATE afternoon. He'll order daw that I'll be brought to my room and allowed to have a small breakfast.

7:30 AM: The pain was untolerable that I actually requested for sedatives. By this time I was 5-6cm dilated already!

9:30 AM: I was ready to push but the nurses and the residents were telling me to wait. From what I gathered later on, they werent expecting the progression will be that fast that the OB, anes and the pedia were still not there in the DR! That's why they were asking me to hold on first. My OB called my husband that he is on his way already but wouldnt arrive on time, his chief resident will be the one assisting me. But he was hoping I will still be able to hold on for another hour.

9:50 AM: I gave birth to the baby. my OB arrived at exactly 10:20 AM. 

12 NN: I was wheeled in to my room...just 2 rooms away from S.

2:00 PM: S was discharged from the hospital.

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  1. Oh.. so cute! Hello there Mateo Nicolas! Good to hear you didn't give mommy a hard time huh.

    Dropping by from GT sis. Hope you visit Pink MagaLine too! :)



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