Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sofia With Charlie Green

We were on our way out of the Eastwood mall when we chanced upon Britain's Got Talent contestant Charlie Green who was waiting for his turn to perform onstage. Good thing though that one of his security escorts was the guard who usually mans the entrance nearest to our condo. A little sweet talk and he allowed Sofia to take a quick pic with him. 

Such a charming little man!


  1. Very cute together huh..^^

    Happy weekend and advance Happy Mother's Day dear.

  2. I like Charlie Green since I saw the video of him singing Summer Wind during the auditions, he's so cute. That pic is just adorable.

    Happy Mothers' Day!

  3. pogi ba talaga? cutie sya noh.

  4. @mrs kolca: thoughn late, happy mother's day too

    @bridget: really a cutie. just give him a few years, he'll be certified hearthrob

    @dea: thanks!

    @mrs calica: yup really a cutie. i wouldnt mind if baby will be as cute as him

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