Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Life of a Stage Mom

As much as I want to deny it, I have stage mom tendencies. When S was smaller, I would submit her pictures to publications hoping to see her face in a magazine one day. It became a reality in 2008, when she appeared on the cover of Baby Magazine's May 2008 issue:

More pictures here

I was soo happy with it that I started submitting her pictures to different ad agencies. Her next big break came for TVC for Johnson's and Johnson's Baby Oil:

After landing this TVC, her agent started sending her to more go-sees. We did attend a few and it wasn't such a happy experience. Some casting agencies would mismanage the audition process. The hassle of going through all these headache is not worth it since you'll just end up getting rejected. After a few unfortunate experiences, I told her agent that unless S has a big chance of getting the project, we are not attending any go-sees. See, I'm not only a stage mom, I'm also quite a diva. Lol! But seriously, my husband also agrees with me. We are doing this just for the "experience" sake so it is not worth it to let S go through the tiring go-sees. The agent said that this will limit the chances of her landing on a project but we told him it's a consequence we are willing to take.

Expecting that there will a be a dearth of projects, it came as a big surprise when her agent called that my daughter was short-listed for a project based on the pictures he submitted. He immediately asked us to fix my daughter's work permit in case we get the project. She did get it. 

Months after that half-day shoot at a posh subdivision in Laguna, we started seeing her face in the broadsheets and in the mall kiosks. There is a billboard too somewhere in Laguna but since we rarely go there, I haven't seen it. Finally after a year, they placed a copy of the billboard along EDSA:

We almost got into an accident after asking the driver to go slow so I can take a decent picture of the billboard. This is located near Timog Ave. My husband is teasing me that I can finally retire as a stage mom since my daughter already appeared in a magazine cover, TVC, newspaper and billboard. I will have to think about ti first.

How about you? Are you a stage mom too?


  1. I am no stage mom. People comment that my daughter also looks like a potential model/beauty title holder 'cause of her mixed ethnicity, but I am not interested in visiting agents or castings. Hubby already pushed me to expose our little one while she's young, but I am so "tamad" of it. He doesn't agree on later modeling or acting, so let's see. Maybe our daughter herself will ask his permission to model or to do showbiz later :D

  2. Btw, your daughter looks adorable with her magazine cover. Dapat may laminated copy ka nyan sis :D

  3. me too, im not keen on letting her be exposed, must be muslim tendencies..i love dressing up my daughters though and training my tot to be prim, proper and always lady-like.

  4. I saw that billboard of you daughter along EDSA last weekend na pauwi kami from Bulacan. She looks so cute in there. Bibo talaga sya! :)



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