Monday, April 5, 2010

Mosquitos Go Away! (Part 1)

Whenever my daughter comes home from an afternoon (or overnight) stay with Lola (grandma), she brings home souvenirs such as this:

Ugly mosquitos and insect bites.

Partially it is my fault. Ever since we moved to the condo, I've never found the need to buy insect repellants for Sofia. I dont know if it is the height (we're on the 11th floor) or the area, but we never encounter too many mosquitos. And to think we dont have any window screens and is only using some baygon electronic spray. But since Sofia is staying more frequently with Lola, where open spaces and grassy area are abundant, I think I should start stocking up on supplies again. Baygon and screened windows is not enough.

Here are some of the tried and tested products that we've been using on her since she was a baby:

1) Indigo Shoo Fly
Brought to you by the entrepreneur moms of Indigo Baby, Shoo Fly is an all organic product and DEET-free. To order, check out Indigo Baby's multiply site.

What to love about this?
- The smell! The mild lavender, geranium, eucalyptus and citronella smell is very mild for babies esp newborns.
- It's DEET free which sometimes causes rashes, swelling, and eye irritation.

What not to love?
- You have to keep re-applying the product regularly or put a lot of product on your baby. The smells evaporate quite quickly and once the smell evaporates, expect that your baby will be a target of mosquitoes again.
- Since it's all organic, after some time the smell goes rancid.
- I find it quite expensive. A small container costs about Php 200. And if you keep re-applying regularly, you can finish this quite quickly.

(Photo credit: Indigo Baby)

2) Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil is derived from the Eucalyptus leaf. To use, I place small dabs onto the clothes. Never put this directly on the skin.

What to love?
The minty smell
- This doubles as a homeopathic remedy for clogged nose. Place a little on the collar, this will help ease nose congestion.
- The smell lasts for a few hours so no need to keep re-applying.
- This is the cheapest among all the products I've tried. A small vial costs less than Php 100 ($1 = Php 45).
- Since you will only need to put small dabs, a small container will go a long way. I haven't finished up the 30 ml bottle I bought 2 years ago.

What not to love?
In some cases exposure to eucalyptus oil - either alone or as a component of another product can cause an allergic reaction and worsening of asthma. So use sparingly.
- Oral intake of eucalyptus oil can cause some deadly effects on children and adults. These can affect the central nervous system, seizures and coma. More details on this here. Make sure to keep the oil away from children's reach.

Watch out for part 2 for my review of Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment, Badger Anti-Bug Balm and Mothercare Insect Repellant Band


  1. That's something new. For my little one, I am either using OFF or SUMMER PATCH. They work :D

  2. mrs kolca, my beef with Off is it has deet, a form of pesticide. where did you buy the summer patch?

  3. Since we moved to Pasig Noelle has been attacked by mosquitoes non stop. I have been religiously applying No Bite and Giga. I think my whole house smells giga na 24/7. I am still trying to look for the perfect repellant. The mothercare band doesn't work na rin.

  4. joy, try using badger anti bug balm. got it from rustan's for less than Php400.

  5. talaga? oh my.. so gotta stop using that.. anyway, we dont have a lot of problems with mosquitoes anymore..

    if ever, we'll stick to summer patch.. it has organic claims.. they are available in SM for less that Php200 :) just go to the kids section.. ^^



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