Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing Dress Up

My daughter Sofia loves to play dress up. She loves to rummage in her closet and would sometimes come up with the weirdest combination of clothes. There was a day when she insisted on wearing a tiara with her dress and refused to be called anything but Princess Sofia. There was a time before she was a belly dancer/fairy princess/cowboy:

Playing dress up has numerous benefits for your kid:

1) It stimulates the kid's imagination. One moment they can pretend to be a princess, the next pretend to be a pirate. There are endless possibilities. 

2) Your kid will be able to absorb more things about the world and people around her. When S was first hospitalized, she was so afraid of the doctors because of all the trauma she encountered in the ER. Her pedia suggested to buy her a toy doctor's kit. From then on, she looks forward to the nurses'/doctor's hourly visit. After they check on her temperature, heartbeat etc, she would do the same to them. 

3) It improves their communication skills. Whenever my daughter plays dress up she would like to narrate what she's doing during her pretend play. I grab this opportunity to introduce to her new words. Amazingly, at 2 years 8 mos, my daughter has a wide vocabulary and speaks in complete sentences already. 

To encourage your kid to do pretend play, make sure you have some costumes on hand. My daughter's  Halloween costumes come in handy for these. I dump everything in box so anytime she'd want to play with those, she'll just get it from there.


  1. I like the idea of buying a doctor's kit for my little one. She is a little scared of her Pedia (dahil sa bakuna). I hope it helps. Thanks to this post :D

  2. Very cute Princess Sofia. I love her cowboy boots. Pero cute den kung belly dancer sya.

    Btw, I also added you in my link list :D

  3. Wow, interesting, especially about the doctor's kid.

    Your daughter is really pretty. I like the princess pic, feel na feel niya talaga yung dress niya. :D

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  5. @mrs kolca: you should try buying a doctor's kit for your daughter. hopefully it will help her overcome her fear of doctors. thanks for the add up!

    @dea: thanks dear! i think thats the advantage of having a girl. more choices for clothes!

  6. you are so right Als :) rob loves to wear her Darna costumes heheh



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