Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yearning for Cooler Days

With the El Nino hitting this side of the globe, the summer heat is on...and it's hotter than ever!

Temperatures increasing 30 degrees up, some northern provinces are officially under drought alert. Days like these make me wanna go back to Romania (yes my husband is Romanian) to get away from this sticky and humid weather of Manila.

When we went there almost 2 years ago, it was the height of their summer time. It was hot but unlike in Manila, it wasnt humid at all. Nights are extra cool and temperatures can drop into single digits. Something like Baguio but less cramped. If ever I'd get a chance, I want to visit again Poiana, Brasov

Poiana Brasov is Romanian Ski Resort (expensive!) located about 30-40 kms away from Bran. The most popular (and cheapest!) thing to do here is to go up the mountain using the cable car.

Expecting that the weather will be warm that day in Poiana, we brought mostly summer clothes (except for jackets which a must since temperatures can drop to single digits at night). So it was a big surprise when we found out that that morning the temperature was about 6 degrees! We didnt have any choice but to layer clothes. Both Sofia and I were wearing leggings under our pants.

See, I'm even wearing my crocs. It's either that or flipflops:

Here we are before leaving the cable car station:

The cable car ride took us about 1,700+ m. high up the mountain. It was so foggy. There was one point when we couldnt see anything but fog:

Upon reaching the end of the cable car, we decided to "hike" further up the mountain to the old communication tower/station which is at 1800+ metres above sea level. That's my husband carrying our little girl:

After a quick hot chocolate and coffee in a tiny cafe up the peak, we went down the mountain and drove to the Brasov's City Centre for lunch. If there's one word to describe the City Centre, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! If ever we decide to relocate to Romania, I want it in Brasov. Who wouldnt want to live in a place like this:

More pictures here.

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