Wednesday, November 9, 2011

M's Birthday Party Series: Invitations

After I got the Pirate Pocoyo images from my brother, I started working on the invitation. I was able to download a pirate digi-scrap kit from the internet. I used some of the elements to come up with this:

I mostly gave this out as e-vites (electronic invitation). But for those who received printed copies, they received theirs looking like this:

I made use some of my cupcake toppers to seal the envelopes. Double purpose! Cute eh?


  1. This is soooo cute!!! I'm not yet a mom, but I love to make invitations for my future baby/babies :) Love Pocoyo, especially in his pirate costume!

  2. thank you! im pretty sure you will love it. anything for your kids.

  3. I also love that blue baby. super cute POCOYO!

  4. Thank you Mrs Kilca! A big credit goes to my brother for customizing the pirate character for me

  5. Wow this is fantabulous! Nanliit naman ako sa creativity mo Mommy! DIY din yung invite ng sa baby ko eh, jungle safari passport. Here it is:



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