Wednesday, November 9, 2011

M's Birthday Party Series

The little boy is turning 1 on the 17th and we're throwing a party for him on the November 20. We decided on having a small play party for him instead of doing a big party for two main reasons. First, we don't want him to get exposed to too many people. With his pneumonia scares this year, we're trying to limit his exposure. Second, we want to give him a party that we know he'll truly enjoy. Definitely, he will not remember his first birthday party but at least we know that he enjoyed it. And one thing he enjoys a lot now is Gymboree. Oh you just don't have any idea how much he loves Gymbo the Clown. So here's a quick rundown on how we are going to celebrate it. I'll go into details after the party:

Venue: Gymboree
Caterer:  Passion Cooks
Theme: Pirates
Invitations/Thank You cards: DIY
Cake: Les Sucreries (this I will still have to finalize)
Costume: Carter's Pirate Costume by Twinkle Toes (a multiply seller)
Lootbags: Treasure Chests; contents I still have to buy

I still have a million and one things to do for this party. Wish me luck!


  1. hey, i remember all the preparation I made during my son's first bday...we always want to give the best on them.

    followed you sis...

  2. This entry made me smile! :) I can already imagine how happy your son will be on his 1st birthday. Good luck on the preparations and advance happy 1st birthday to M! :)

  3. Good luck! I'm excited for you. I love DIY projects and planning for parties. =)

    IS Les Sucreries reasonably priced? I'm trying to locate a good baker for my baby's baptismal cake kasi. =)

  4. charmedwitch: if only i have all the money in the world, i'd throw them parties every year.

    sumi: thank you! im pretty excited for the little man too

    average jane: a 10" cake with a 3D topper (what I'm getting) from LS is around Php 2.8k. Try Punky of Box of Sweets. She made my daughter's birthday cake last July. Around 3k cake and cupcakes in boxes + delivery fee. But if you really dont want to splurge on this, try checking Shoppersville in Katipunan. Im not sure how much are the cakes but their customized cupcakes are only Php 15 apiece



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